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Why Choose a Refurbished iPad over an Android Tablet?

Refurbished iPads in the UK are gaining popularity among consumers for the reason that they are in perfectly good quality at a fraction of the price. When you buy a refurbished iPad at NDBD UK, you get top-quality professionally refurbished iPads with almost no difference as its brand new counterparts at the lowest price online. 

But what makes a refurbished iPad more sought after than an Android tablet? 

It's been about 7 years since iPads have dominated the electronics market and have become a mainstay in our purses, bedside tables, and for an astounding majority --our hands. Okay, we probably alternate between the iPhone and iPad, but either way, there's an Apple product that seems to be glued to these human paws of ours and it’s not the kind that keeps the doctor away.  

Interestingly, tablets have been around for about 20 years (permission to check age), but no one seemed to be crazed by the idea of an ultra-compact personal computer --until the birth of the first-generation iPad back in April of 2010.  

The iPad immediately hit it off with consumers, making highly portable tablet computers a major product category. And while competition didn’t take long in stealing the hearts of many iPad devotees, Apple has consistently remained ahead of the game, deeply settled in the gizmo emporium 

Although understandably, just the thought of having an alternate road can cause quite a stir. So this week, we shall indulge in today's modern head-scratcher: Why choose the Apple iPad over an Android tablet? 

And since price ultimately affects every purchase we make, sometimes even crippling our desires to take home the product we truly want, let's rule out the thought that the iPad is way beyond budget. Thanks to NDBD's high-quality refurbished iPads in the UK, cost is now a non-issue! Get the best deals on the Apple iPad online at NDBD and see that there truly is no difference in quality but a big difference in price. 

Back to the question: Why the iPad? 

Looking at both platforms, here are the top reasons why the Apple iPad continues to be securely seated in the lead: 

Refurbished iPads are in full control. 

As opposed to Android tablet's open system, the iPad is known to have a more controlled hardware, operating system and App Store. This results in a smoother, more stable and a more user-friendly gadget. And because Apple approves each app individually, making sure that each one performs optimally, bugs are eliminated, bringing us to the next ingredient of the iPad's secret potion: a safer experience! 

Refurbished iPads promise a safer experience. 

More than Android tablets, iPads are impervious to viruses for the reason that every app submitted to Apple is tested before its release. This is a precautionary measure Android has yet to replicate. Obviously, Google Play has a more publish-now-filter-later mentality. Unfortunately for Android users, removing suspected malware only after reports have been made greatly affect the device. 

Refurbished iPads offer more exclusive apps. 

Plants vs. Zombies, Worms 3 and Clash of Clans –all iPad exclusive. It's no secret that a great deal of apps come out first or exclusively for Apple's iOS. Why do app developers gravitate more towards the iPad? Perhaps it has something to do with the undeniable popularity of the App store? Or maybe the rapid increase of piracy on Android devices? Either way, if you want to enjoy exclusive, bug-free apps, the iPad is the way to go.  

Refurbished iPad's Siri is the real deal. 

Android may have come up with its own version of an intelligent assistant that can follow through voice or touch to rival Siri (and it's a fairly good voice recognition engine), but Siri will always be a step ahead, going beyond just answering simple questions and performing basic tasks its counterparts boast on achieving.  

Siri takes the job of a personal assistant seriously and is tied to your calendar, events, contacts, reminders and social networking sites. It can even google information for you!  

Refurbished iPads have a wide range of accessories. 

It's not just app developers who favour the iPad. If you've gone through a tech store lately, you'll find yourself surrounded with tons of iPad-only accessories and gears, proving accessory manufacturers to support Apple's iPad more than Android tablets. 

These are just to name a few.  

Above all mentioned reasons, Apple's iPad inarguably exceeds the performance of many Android tablets and even many of the laptops in the market today as it continually pushes its limits with every iPad release. Offering more than just media consumption, the iPad is home to the best apps such as the iMovie (for making movies), Garage Band (for creating music) and those cool games everybody's talking about. It's also the perfect tablet for those who want a simple, straightforward and user-friendly design. And finally, the iPad is the perfect companion for your iPhone and other Apple products. Enjoy sharing photos between your iPhone and iPad with the iCloud Photo Library or wirelessly direct your iPad's display to the Apple TV!  

The list goes on. Whatever it is you're looking for in a tablet, chances are, you can find it in the Apple iPad. Get your refurbished iPad at the lowest price online here at NDBD UK and see for yourself.  

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  • May 05, 2017
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