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Next Apple Wearable to Watch Out For

The Apple Watch 3 may be far from launch but it's already the subject of numerous leaks, rumours and speculations.  It may not even be born yet, but its popularity is already on the rise.  We can't blame you, we're pretty intrigued ourselves with what the Series 3 has to offer, especially since the Series 2 turned out to be one of the best wearables since its launch.  

Though the Apple Watch Series 2 succeeded in being more of a top-tier wearable than its predecessor with its dual-core processor, GPS, brighter display and water-resistant feature, we can't help but root for those features we hoped to be part of the Series 2 upgrade, but unfortunately did not make it.  

So what kind of features are we talking about and will they find their way to the Series 3?  That they will—according to new patents, at east! 

One feature that was rumoured to appear in the Series 2 is a front-facing camera.  Apple allegedly has patents for a smart watch that features a front-facing camera, but was obviously missing from the Series 2.  The camera will be integrated into the top bezel of the watch and is possibly for either selfies or FaceTime—or both! 

Apple watch series 2 already has one of the best displays you can find in a smartwatch, but Apple continues to strive to be on the lead by going for a brighter, more powerful display with the all new emerging flat panel technology--the Micro-LED.  Instead of OLED, Apple could possibly go for Micro-LED panels for the Series 3, especially since this also helps keep the wearable's battery life longer. 

There are also rumours of Apple Watch 3 having a circular display.  This one's a huge makeover from previous models, since we all know Apple for sporting that stylish square look.  It would be a nice change though—to have a feel of a traditional circular watch with impressive capabilities.   

But here's the buzz that's really creating the noise: modular straps with wireless charging!  New patents reveal a "Magnetic Wristband" for the Apple Watch 3,  which features a set of magnets embedded into the strap that would hold the watch in place.  The new strap features a battery of its own, which is used to improve the wearable's battery life.  The band allows you to add features via the removable magnetic links in the straps. You can simply buy those features you need, such as a GPS, camera or longer battery life and ignore those you don't.    

Plus it's multifunctional! When the watch is taken off, the band can be rolled up to create a stand, which is ideal for Apple's nightstand mode.  The watch can also wrap itself around the watch and serve as  protection when it's being stored or transported.  

Psyched about the Apple Watch 3 yet?  You'll have to temper the excitement for a few more months since we don't expect the launch of the Series 3 until the last quarter of this year.   For now, let's all enjoy the best of the Apple Watch Series and hope for all said features to creep into the Series 3.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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  • Feb 24, 2017
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