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iPhone's Best Kept Secret Features

NDBD UK's refurbished iPhones are about to let you in on a little secret. These high-quality, professionally refurbished iPhones are part of a larger scheme of awesomeness. Not only are they the lowest-priced iPhones online, but they have the exact same features as those you would pay a pretty penny for –even those hidden features. 

Yes, Betcha didn't know even your refurbished iPhone had some secrets of its ownOkay, so technically, they're not secrets. But the fact that an astounding number of iPhone-users aren't aware of these impressive (and highly beneficial) features, make them a gazillion times cooler and just way too juicy not to share.  

And since you're more inseparable with your iPhone than anyone or anything in this world (no judgement here, we all are), it's only fitting that you get to know every inch of its magnificence. To get you started on that journey, we're going to divulge some of the top hidden features that will give you a whole new appreciation for your trusty iPhone.  

Start your engines! Here are some of the best not-so-secret, not-so-known iPhone hacks. 

Run, iPhone, Run

The iPhone is already one of the speediest handsets today. But unavoidably, it could slow down for several reasons, your countless apps being the main culprit. Simply clear the RAM with a wave of your magic wand to make your iPhone run faster --ooor you can hold down the power button until the “Slide to power off” appears, then let go of the power button and press the home button until the screen goes blank and the home screen reappears. 

Touchscreen-free Photography

Capturing a snap using the volume control buttons is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. This spares you from having to press the touchscreen controls and covering half of the screen. If that's brand new information to you, you're welcome! But if you want to take it a step further and take a photo without actually having to touch your iPhone, you can always use the volume button on a connected pair of compatible headphones, and voila! You've got yourself a makeshift selfie stick. 

Fast-charging Technique

We rely on our iPhone for so many things that re-juicing those batteries feel like forever. We understand your desire to speed it up, and, yes, there actually is a way to hasten the process. Now now, we're not going to pull a rabbit out of the hat here. We're simply suggesting you switch to Flight Safe mode to add 4% in 30 minutes. It may not seem like a lot, but when you're pressed for time, every minute and percent counts.  

Personalized Vibrations

Isn't it a wonder how we know who's coming up the stairs or approaching us just by the sound of their footsteps? Don't you also wish you could tell who's ringing you up just by the intensity of your phone's buzz? Well, surprise surprise! You can! Just go to 'Contacts', select a person and choose 'Edit', then select 'Ringtone', and finally 'Vibration'. From there, you will have a couple of vibration options to choose from and you can even create your own vibration pattern in 'Create New Vibration'. Seriously, try it out. It's pretty rad. 

Signal Strength

 You don't have to play guessing game with our iPhone's connectivity strength. Just type  *3001#12345#* and press call to launch your phone's numerical-based signal signifier. This will show you a negative number on the upper left corner of your screen, which is far more accurate than those five dots you're used to. Just remember, the closer to zero, the stronger your signal. If you see a –50, you're on the good side –the HD side! A score of –120, on the other hand, means that even just sending a message could be a struggle. 

There's already so much your unfailing iPhone can do, but we've obviously only scratched the surface. There's so much more to your device than meets the eye. And you know what's better? You can enjoy all these hidden features with an iPhone that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.  

When you buy a refurbished iPhone at NDBD UK, you get an iPhone that's high-quality and professionally refurbished at the lowest price online. Get yours today and don't miss out on all the best iPhone features at a fraction of the price. 

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  • May 12, 2017
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