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Commemorative iPhone, Codenamed iPhone Ferrari?

Word around town (or the web, at least) is that Apple is gearing up for its 10th year anniversary with a celebratory premium iPhone, internally codenamed the iPhone Ferrari. 

According to a leaked Apple document by a source known for leaking information from Apple's East Asian supply chain, Apple will be releasing three versions of iPhone this 2017.  One of them being a top-tier, restructured iPhone, which many are speculating to markApple's 10th Anniversary. It was first leaked on a Chinese tech site and has continued to be the rumour every tech enthusiast can't get enough of.   

The document comes with an impressive list of features to match its compelling codename.  Here they are to name a few:   

The iPhone Ferrari is rumoured to have a completely new design with OLED panelsmounted on plastic, indicative of a curved screen, new to the iPhone family. Sporting an AMOLED panel, which is a new kind of organic light-emitting diode display gives the handset the edge-to-edge or all-display experience.     

The premium iPhone model is also said to sport a glass-sandwich designboasts an "invisible" home button and now prides in wireless charging.   

According to the document, Apple is also considering a change in the location of the SIM card tray to make room for internal components.  Just like the iPad Pro layout, the new iPhone's SIM card tray is said to be moved towards the bottom of the unit.   

In line with "Ferrari's" internal redesign, Apple is allegedly planning to break the logic board into two units connected by a flex cable.  The first board will be responsible for Ferrari's operating guts, such as the NAND flash storage and A11 SoC, while the second board will handle the comms package, including Wi-Fi and cellular components.   

This may not be the first time we've heard of the next-generation iPhones with AMOLED display, wireless charging and a glass-sandwich design coming up, but having documents to back it up feels like it's finally on the table.  Whether the iPhone Ferrari is Apple's celebratory iPhone or not, you can be sure that Apple is planning something huge this year and we're all invited to the party.  

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  • Feb 17, 2017
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