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Apple Showcases V-Day Line-Up!

Valentine’s Day: a day you either love or hate depending on your Facebook relationship status. But if anything’s for certain, manufacturers and retailers, big and small, absolutely LOVE this shopping holiday, with some going as far as to make special items and offers exclusive for Valentine’s.

And of course, Apple won’t be outdone. To commemorate Heart’s Day, they highlighted a set of Valentine’s-themed items and accessories from across their current line-up. At the fore of their campaign are the iPhone 7, which they said you could “take stunning portraits of your loved ones” with, the iPad Pro, and the Apple Watch, marketed as being “designed for all the ways they move”—all of them in shiny Rose Gold. (Not sure what that last tagline means, to be honest). ;)

In addition, they also released complementary accessories that come in V-Day hues of red and pink, including Silicone Cases for the iPhone 7, Sport Bands for the Apple Watch, and Smart Covers for the 9.7” iPad Pro, among other great offers.

Check out their complete Valentine’s gift list here!

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Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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  • Feb 10, 2017
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