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Apple's Clips App is the Latest Craze and More

Apple's new social video editing app, Clips has taken the social media world by storm and we're about to let you in on the scoop.  

In case you haven't noticed, videos and video-editing tools are all the rage these days (or years) and for good reason. They're fun, more personal and an effortless creative outlet for many social butterflies.  Snapchat may have started the trend, but major social networking sites have immediately followed suit. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp --you name it, they’ve got it.  

Now Apple has joined in on the fun and may have just surpassed them all with the arrival of Clips video editing app for iPhone and iPad, which has immediately landed no. 28 in the App Store a day after its release.  Four days later, the clips app was already downloaded by almost a million users and continues to cause a stir to this day.  

The Clips app allows you to create short videos or string together multiple clips, add a soundtrack and share them on your all social networking sites at once. Video blogging has never been more fun and easier with Clips' ability to combine moments far better than those built into social media apps. 

Best part is, you can work offline! Okay, work is a bit of a stretch, but yes, you can use Clips on your iPhone or iPad even when you’re at Everest's summit and going online is impossible. Shoot and edit now, post your creations later. Plus, it's completely free!  

The Clips app features four effects you can use to boost your videos – Live Titles (which is probably the best of all features), full-screen animated posters, stickers and filters. These video enhancers can be used separately or in combination, and can also be used before or after recording your clip. 

Though rumours suggest that the app mostly appeals to those who are well-versed with video editing, those who have actually spent time with it would disagree. 

Clips is far from rocket science and doesn’t require you to be a video editing expert. It's simple, fun and one promising movie editor than can only improve through time. It's one of those apps that's sure to land a spot on your go-to tools. Download it on your iPhone or iPad today and see for yourself!

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  • Apr 13, 2017
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