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AirPods Missing? Track them Down with this App!

Hmm, AirPods.

They’re a new addition to Apple’s line of accessories, and if you’re familiar enough with it, chances are you either love them or hate them. With the AirPods, Apple made good with their goal to give users a wireless and jack-less way to experience their music. It also functions as a hands-free earpiece with a built-in microphone that you can use to take calls, talk to Siri, and issue simple voice-commands.

Tech-wise, it’s a beautiful and compact masterpiece showcasing Apple’s cutting-edge engineering. However, it also comes with a few notable drawbacks (some would say significant drawbacks). Perhaps the most glaring among these is the size of the accessories. Truth be told, no one wants to have a giant earpiece bulging from their earlobes. However, being wireless and compact doesn’t do it any favours when they’re misplaced or lost. By far, this has been the number one recurring complaint among users.

But Apple has finally gotten around the issue, and hopes that their latest iOS 10.3 update (which is currently in beta phase) would ease the user-base’s concern. Now you can track the location of your misplaced AirPods with the Find My iPhone app or locate them through iCloud. Once your AirPods are in Bluetooth range, a sound will play informing you that yours are nearby.

Pretty nifty—that is, if your AirPods are within Bluetooth range. Misplacing them somewhere in your house is one thing, but the update won’t help you much if you lost them in the middle of a busy intersection, or if they run out of battery. However, the Find My iPhone app can still tell you where to look by giving you the time, location and date of your AirPod’s most recent connection. And don’t worry; the feature works whether you lose one piece or both.

Pro Tip: Always keep your AirPods together and in one place after use so you always know where to look. OR, just stick to the bundled Lightning Port headphones that come with the latest iPhones. ;)

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  • Jan 27, 2017
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